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40 Unauthorized Photos Smuggled Out Of North Korea

North Korea is notorious for being a reclusive and highly secretive country.  Having shielded itself from the rest of the world for decades, North Korea is very selective of what images and information from inside their country is released to the outside world.

Over the years, however, photographers have managed to smuggle images and information out of the country that were certainly not approved by the North Korean government.   From incredibly odd to downright depressing, this sobering gallery about one of the world’s most militant countries will have your head spinning.

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North Korea

Human Waste Is A Top Commodity

Once South Korea stopped sending North Korea its much-needed supply of fertilizer in 2008, the country had to find another alternative to grow their crops.

Human waste became the next best thing, and the country has to meet its quota of two tons to keep its food sources thriving—no matter what it takes.


Capital Punishment Is Widespread And Common

North Korea is one of the top countries when it comes to the death penalty, and they fall just behind China and Iran.  Public and private executions are no rarity, and hangings, decapitation, and being killed by a firing squad are still occurring in the present day.

All the more reason to obey the law.