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Waitress, Limo Driver Team Up To Give Teen Perfect Prom Night

Cooper Tilling always knew he would attend his prom at Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia. But it was a selfless waitress and generous limo driver who made sure he had the time of his life.

The 18-year old high school student was born with a chromosome disorder that’s unique to him. Despite needing an adult by his side most of the time, his mother, Alison Tilling, describes Cooper as a person of “constant happiness” who has no “ceilings or set expectations” because of his condition.

Nevertheless, his condition made going to prom a little tricky for Cooper. The school was more than willing to accommodate him, although Alison believed she would end up escorting her son. That is until two special people stepped up to help give Cooper a memorable prom night.


It started with Dwayne Seldon, the owner of a local chauffeur service. Seldon remembered driving Cooper to past events and volunteered his limo service for the occasion.

Cooper then found a date in the form of Alyssa Campbell, a 21-year old waitress at a Winchester restaurant where Cooper and his mother frequently eat. Campbell is friends with both Cooper and Alison and agreed to be Cooper’s date.

On prom night, Seldon and Campbell dined with Cooper and his mother before the limo driver took the happy couple, minus Alison, to the prom.

“I got wined and dined,” says Cooper.

Seldon says he gave Cooper tips on how to behave “like a gentleman” for his date with


Campbell, something he says he frequently does for teens going to formal events. The tips paid off because Campbell confirmed that Cooper was the perfect gentleman all night.

“He showed me around, and I met all of his friends,” said Campbell. “There are many, many of them. I was getting tired. I had to take my heels off.”

Campbell says that Cooper even showed off some of his dance moves. She adds that the night ended with Cooper getting a goodnight kiss on the cheek. Cooper says he had a great time and can’t wait to attend next year’s prom.