Vudu Also Creating Original Streaming Content

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Vudu also jumped at the chance to become a streaming service of exclusive content. It does sound a little odd considering Vudu has always been seen as an Ultraviolet digital purchase platform, where one can buy and rent movie and TV shows. But the free-to-sign-up service also promotes itself by offering free movies laced with ads. And through the ads, Vudu is planning on offering up their own content for free.

This seems like a gamble to start creating new TV shows and movies by watching ads but consider who they’re teaming up with to make this happen. MGM, the same studio behind James Bond and “The Hobbit,” will be using their resources for Vudu originals, according to Variety. And, yes, it sounds as though some of this content will be based on MGM’s properties. So it’s very possible that a James Bond TV series could be in the works.

Whether or not this will be a successful venture for Vudu depends on how willing users are to pursue watching. Sure, those pesky ads that will have to be peppered into the video is an annoyance, but that also makes the content technically free. Vudu is also very serious about pushing this format given their heavier marketing for the Movies On Us section promoting ad-laced movies and TV series for free, which they have a massive library of at the moment.