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Video: Couple Proposes To Each Other At Same Time

It’s important for couples to be on the same page as one another, especially when one person is getting ready to propose to the other. One couple was so in-sync with each other that they accidentally proposed to each other at the same time.

Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade met each other online just over a year ago. Oddly enough, both had only dated men until meeting one another.


After hitting it off online, Cade drove four hours in the middle of the night from her Air Force base in San Angelo, Texas to where Monaco lived in Austin. It turns out their connection was just as strong in person as it was online.

“We stayed up all night talking,” recalls Monaco. “The next day, I brought her to meet my family, and I introduced her as my friend at that point. From there, the ball just kept rolling.”

Fast forward to last weekend when unbeknownst to the other, each had planned a proposal during a game of Pictionary. Cade was attempting to turn the phrase, “Will you marry me?” into a Pictionary clue. While her back is turned, Monaco grabbed the ring she bought and got down on one knee.

As you can see, the two girls were stunned that the other had planned to propose at the exact same time. But as it turns out, there was a reason why both picked that exact night and activity to propose.

Cade’s mother, Kristy, was the mastermind of the whole operation. When Cade bought a ring for Monaco four months ago, Kristy subtly nudged her toward proposing during a game of Pictionary during one of the family’s game nights.

Meanwhile, when Monaco called Kristy to tell her that she too had purchased an engagement ring. She then convinced Monaco to propose the same exact night while the family played Pictionary.


Knowing what was to come, Cade’s mom set up a camera to capture the magical moment. Everything went according to plan, and of course, both girls said “yes” to one another.

“I was laughing at the crazy coincidence,” said Monaco, “And just so unbelievably shocked that something so perfect was happening to me.”

The couple is planning to get married in September 2019. Word is they’re hoping to find perfectly coordinated wedding dresses for the occasion.