Vidalia Onions: What You Should Know

Vidalia onions are probably in your grocery store alongside yellow onions, red onions, and others-but, what makes them unique?

Cliff Riner, the chairman, says, “They have a distinct sweet and crisp taste and are a favorite among chefs because of their versatility.

The experts explained what the vegetable looks like and how to store and cook it.

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What Are Vidalia Onions?

Toombs County, Georgia, originated Vidalia onions grown exclusively in 20 counties of South Georgia.

While Vidalia onions can be grown by other people, the Vidalia Onion Act of 1986 restricts their marketability to counties in which they are grown.

Tourists who bought the onions at the Vidalia Farmers’ Market in Toombs County named Vidalia Onion.

Riner describes Vidalia onions as having a “flat shape, golden-brown exterior, and white interior.”

Vidalia onions will have a produce identification sticker with the code 4159 from April until Labor Day.

Vidalia Onions Vs. Other Varieties

It’s often mistaken for yellow onions due to its similar golden color, but significant differences exist.

Vidalia onions are grown from a unique seed variety that is carefully tested for a minimum of three years to ensure their quality.

Many people do not understand the differences between Vidalias, yellow onions, and other sweet varieties.

Rodrigo Velasquez, produce category manager, says, “All Vidalias are sweet onions, but not all sweet onions are Vidalias. He says the key difference is in the flavor.”

How To Cook

Vidalia onions are versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. It goes well with soups and spicy dishes as well as savory ones.

Due to their high sugar content, Vidalia onions are excellent for making caramelized onions.

Vidalias are great as a garnish, as their mild flavor helps balance the heat from chopped jalapenos, which can be a little spicy.

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How To Store

Velásquez says Vidalia onions have a short shelf life due to their high water content.

He says, “It is important to keep them cool and dry. Wrapping each onion in a paper towel helps them absorb moisture, extending their shelf life further, so they don’t go bad quickly.”

“Onions release gases, which make your potatoes sprout, and potatoes release moisture, which becomes an issue with onions.” He recommends storing potatoes and onions separately.