Vegas Hacks You Should Know Before Your Next Trip

Few things are more thrilling than a trip to the casino in hopes of hitting it big. Although you may be convinced that luck is on your side, chances of a big win may be stacked against you.

Casinos are designed to fascinate and intrigue, leading tourists to spend more money than they originally intended. Beat the system by using these three casino hacks to stay on top of your money and in control of your winning chances!

Stay Wary Of Casino Freebies

It is natural to feel like a bigshot if you are being offered complimentary beverages and luxuries from casino staff, but it’s important to remind yourself they have a job to do.

The casino wants you to spend as much money as possible at their establishment, even if that involves handing out alcohol and food. If you are being continuously offered free stuff, it may be time to keep track of your spending and slow down.

Slot Machines Can Be A Money Pit

Although the slots can be a cheap and easy win, your best bet is playing the poker table for a sizeable sum. Slot machines are guaranteed money made for the casino, and it’s better to teach yourself how to play poker for a better outcome.

Don’t be distracted by the slots as soon as you walk in — casinos do this purposely — it’s better to make your way to a slower-paced poker game to really concentrate on how much you are willing to bet and what you are willing to lose.

Keep Away From Casino Regulars

If you find yourself sitting next to a player at the poker table that knows the dealer personally, it’s time to pack your bags and move on. There is a chance this person is a professional player looking for a quick win.

Try to find a table where everyone seems to be on an equal level playing field. This will make for a more interesting game and a better chance for you to take home some serious winnings!