Van Jones Welcomes Baby Girl With Friend Noemi as ‘Conscious Co-Parents’

Van Jones celebrates a newcomer to his modern-day family.

Van Jones, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, told ‘PEOPLE’ that he welcomed a baby girl this month with his friend, Noemi.

Van said, “Following the containment of COVID-19, I realized I wanted another child. I found out that my friend Noemi wanted a baby as well. So we decided to join forces and become conscious co-parents. It is something I hope others will explore and consider.”

This month, we welcomed a little girl to Earth, and we will raise her as a co-sponsor. It’s a special occasion for our families. I feel thankful, joyous, and blessed. As we create a safe and affectionate environment for this holy young soul, I respectfully request that privacy be protected. Thank you for your affection and support.”

The announcement of Jones marks his third time as a father. He also shares his children Mattai and Cabral with ex-wife Jana Carter, whom he married in 2005. They announced their split to PEOPLE in 2018.

Both Jones and Noemi said in a statement at that time, “We will continue to raise our children together, manage our businesses together and support the growth of each other. It’s not beef or drama, just evolution.”

Jones is not the only CNN personality who nurtures a child with a platonic partner. Anderson Cooper announced last week that he and his close friend, Benajmin Maisani, welcomed their second kid together, a boy named Sebastian Luke.