Van Der Beek Says Being A Girl Dad Has Liberated Him From Limited Belief Systems

Van Der Beek is a proud father to a girl.

Over the weekend, the Dawson’s Creek alum shared a sweet moment with his 3-year-old daughter, Gwendolyn, on Instagram.

The actor sat outside at a porch table with his daughter while she painted his fingernails pink. Dawson and his wife Kimberly have six children, four of which are girls.

Van Der Beek – who also has sons Joshua, 10, and Jeremiah, five months, and daughters Emilia, 6, Annabel, 8, and Olivia, 11 – talked openly about embracing the unpredictable aspects of parenting.

Way back when we were pregnant with our first, I was on a set where the director had nail polish on the one hand: black. It looked kind of emo, and someone commented on it. He said, “Parenting perk: Surprise liberation from limited belief systems.”

After explaining how fatherhood has changed his outlook, the Varsity Blues star described the impact of becoming a father.

He said, “Now I get it. It’s one of those things you can’t convey to someone on the brink of having their first child: With ease, you abandon stuff you once thought mattered and the joy that you find in the little things you used to find difficult.”

Van Der Beek concluded, “If you think I’ll be removing this pink nail polish before pouring concrete with a few friends tomorrow. Then you probably don’t have kids.” He added a heart emoji and the hashtag “#GirlDad.”

Van Der Beek and his wife decided to leave Los Angeles and move to Texas in 2020.