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USPS To Honor Military Dogs With Commemorative Stamp

The USPS (United States Postal Service) announced in an official statement earlier this month that they would be offering a new addition to their forever stamp collection in 2019.  The stamp will feature and honor military canines, hailed as the “nations brave and loyal military working dogs.”

Each stamp will feature a picture of one of the four breeds commonly used by the military and the armed forces including a German Shepherd, a Labrador Retriever, a Belgian Malinois, and a Dutch Shepherd.

Image: Military Times

The image of each breed will be perched on a white star, with either a red or a blue background behind them.  The USPS stated the colors chosen were to represent both the American flag as well as patriotism.

Canines working within the military is not something new as they first started their service to the country during World War 1.  There are currently an estimated 2,300 military working dogs in service on various US bases worldwide.  Military dogs work side by side with their handler and fellow soldiers, on what many have said are dangerous missions.  In search and rescue missions, the canine’s nose, and convenient size is a tremendous asset to the military.

Diane Whetsel, Sage Foundation head, stated:

“These military dogs, and search and rescue dogs, are putting themselves on the line.  They’re out in the front lines.”

The Sage Foundation works to provide a source of funding for those military dogs that may require medical services during their service.

Image: Stars And Stripes

“They’re treated as any other soldier would be, with the same respect, honor, and rights afforded to them,” said Robin Ganzert, current president and CEO of the AHA (American Humane Association.)

In Holmdel, New Jersey, there is a memorial that honors all of the US war dogs that have served.  Originally built to memorialize those canines that served during the Vietnam war, it now accepts all canines for their brave and true service for the military.