Unusual Cheeto and Potato Chip Flavors

Snack food companies frequently experiment with unusual flavors to appeal to curious buyers. Lay’s Cheetos, while known for their classic cheesy offerings, have released some weird ones throughout the years. Lay’s also mixes it up with their potato chp flavors. Here are a handful: 


Apparently Canadians love ketchup. Given that America likes ketchup a lot, too, it’s kind of surprising we haven’t seen this flavor here.


In Asia, dried seaweed is a common snack. Taiwan got a seaweed-flavored Cheetos back in the day.


Cheetos tried sweet flavors in Asia, and for Japan, they chose a strawberry-dipped flavor. 


Also in Japan, this flavor was not popular and only lasted a few months. 

Mentaiko mayo 

Continuing with Japanese cheetos, this one is flavored like a popular spicy condiment used for meals like hamburgers. 


Hungary has a peanut-flavored cheeto.

Milk chocolate

Chocolate-covered potato chips are not that unusual of a snack, but to package the chips that way seems a bit strange.


Borscht, or beetroot soup, is eaten primarily in Eastern Europe. The potato chips apparently taste more like beef broth. 

Wasabi ginger

A powerful flavor combination, this potato chip is probably too spicy for some people. 


Mint isn’t really a flavor one would associate with fatty, greasy potato chips, but it was around for at least some time in India. 


Part of Lay’s frequent buyer-submitted flavors, one fan thought coffee would be a good flavor. 

Red caviar

Caviar is fish eggs, whose only real flavor is salt, so these chips might not be too different than a regular Lay’s. Maybe fishier. 


Cucumbers don’t have much of a taste, so it’s hard to say what these would be like in potato chip form.

Lemon tea 

Released somewhere in Asia, lemon tea might actually taste pretty good, since potato and lemon is a common flavor combination.