Universal Orlando Resort Canceling Shrek 4D

For most adults, the primary appeal of theme parks is the feelings of nostalgia that they invoke.  Mainly because many of the parks attractions last for decades, which means that you can ride the same ride you loved as a child as an adult. When those same rides are then discontinued, one can understand the sadness that can often be left behind.

The same feelings that some are experiencing when earlier this month Universal Orlando Resort confirmed that as of early next year, the Shrek 4D and the gift shop associated with it would be closing down after almost 18 years of thrilling park-goers.

Once upon a time, Shrek was one of, if not the most, popular film animated franchises in cinema—so no one was at all surprised when the big green guy got his own park attraction as Universal Orlando Resort.  The most surprising of  it all is that the attraction lasted this long, as the last Shrek film was released in 2010.

Image: Orlando Informer

With it still going strong, there was speculation that it would never end, but Universal Orlando made the announcement indicating that the last screen would be in January.  In an official statement on the shutting down of the attraction, Universal Orlando said:

“Shrek 4D and its corresponding gift shop will permanently close at Universal Studios Florida on January 10, 2022.”

Considering that the attraction originally opened its “doors” in June of 2003, it definitely had a fantastic run.  As with any other theme park attraction, there are those that are fans and lament their attraction closing down—this is the same with Shrek4D.

Admittedly, it will be sad to see Shrek 4D end, but there is the excitement and anticipation of what will take its place on the flip side.  Time will tell, and hopefully, the park-goers will be happy with the replacement.