Ultramarathoner Mirna Valerio Shuts Down Idea She’s Promoting Obesity

Mirna Valerio ends the idea that she favors an unhealthy lifestyle just by existing in a larger body.

Valerio. a Lululemon ambassador, author, and ultramarathon runner shared a video on Instagram in which she engages in all kinds of physical activity from rock climbing and hiking to weight lifting. She captioned, “Promoting obesity. Let’s be real – existing and moving in my fat body joyfully and in public is the real issue.”

“There I go promoting obesity again! She continued. ‘Promoting Obesity? ‘Why all, what does this phrase actually even mean? You show a fat lady running, swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing in public. Everyone starts saying, ‘You are promoting obesity.'”

“It is the highest level of fatphobia. They tell us, Go to the Gym, go workout, run, go to boot camp class. Guess what? I have done all and I am still fat.”

Valerio added that the term “promote obesity” is the only way to “moralize the existence of fat.”

She continued, “Some people think that their naturally slim bodies are morally superior. Some people believe that if they are successful in losing weight, makes them morally superior.”

In if in case if people think I am running for promoting obesity like running, hiking, skiing, riding, hanging off rocks with my fat then ‘I am going to keep doing it.’

Valerio is also known as “The Mirnavator” on social media, previously spoke about how people don’t need to be of a certain size or shape to start running or engaging in athletic activities.

She explains, “The most important to do is to decide that you are a runner.”

A runner is someone who runs, but does not have a certain way or a certain pace and can run in certain areas. It is not necessary that they have to run on a treadmill.