Twitter Offers Up To 40 Emoji’s In Anticipation Of Avengers: Endgame—But The Question Remains Where is Vision?

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Avengers: Endgame,  Marvel Studios has announced the release of an unprecedented  40 new Twitter emojis based on the film franchise.  As many fans of Marvel, and the MCU, already know, Endgame will both wrap up the Avengers story arc, as well as herald the end of phase four in the MCU.  In the previous film, we saw mad titan Thanos not only acquire all of the Infinity Stones, and pretty much defeat the combined Avengers, but he also finger snapped half of the universe into non-existence.

Marvel has taken more than the usual great pains to keep the plot and events within as mysterious and unspoiled as possible.  However, that does not mean we haven’t gotten a few juicy tidbits, such as we do know that Ant-Man did make it out of the quantum realm and that Tony Stark does somehow find his way back to Earth.

Image: Digital Spy

With all the anticipation of the premiere of the movie in a week, Twitter has joined the fan fair with the release of emoji’s to commemorate the end of an ear.  There are over 40 new emoji’s to choose from, covering just about every major Avenger character to date—Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Panther even Captain Marvel—no matter who is your favorite they have you more than covered.

However, with that said, it would seem that Thanos is sporting TWO emojis, one of which includes the Infinity Gauntlet complete with stones.  Although the emoji’s do indeed contain characters that were victims of “the snap” last summer, it would appear that Vision is missing from the choices.  This has many fans very perplexed as his character proved to play a significant role in Infinity War.

If you can’t live without an emoji of your favorite Avenger, then head on over to Twitter—where they more than have you covered.