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Trick-or-Treater Fills Empty Bowl With His Own Candy

When it comes to trick-or-treating, kids often forget that it’s better to give than to receive. But that wasn’t the case with 11-year old Hayden Chapple.

Due to an illness that was still with him on Halloween morning, Hayden, dressed as a character from the Netflix show Stranger Things, was only able to visit a few houses, limiting the amount of candy he was able to collect. Even worse, when he visited a nearby house, the bowl of candy left out for trick-or-treaters was empty.

Jesse Robertson, the owner of that house, had left a bowl of candy on the porch while he and his wife took their daughters trick-or-treating. He had also set up a camera in the doorbell and posted a sign that said “Take a treat or two and do a trick. And smile, you’re on camera.”

Despite the camera catching everything, someone had taken all the candy in the bowl Robertson left out. Thus, it was empty by the time Hayden got there.

But instead of being disappointed and moving onto the next house, Hayden took some of the candy in his bag and placed it in the bowl, replenishing the supply at the Robertson’s house.


“Hayden said, ‘Well, that’s sad; they’re not going to have any candy when they go up there,'” recalls Hayden’s mom, Heather Chapple. “I said, ‘You could always put some candy in there’ — and he just looked at me like I had come up with the best idea ever. So he grabbed a handful and put it back in the bowl.”

When Robertson and his family reviewed the footage captured that night, they were shocked to see that someone had filled the empty bowl with more candy.

Robertson posted a video on his Facebook page of Hayden putting his own candy in the bowl. After that, it didn’t take long to find Hayden, who quickly became famous with the video being viewed over 63,000 times and counting.

“It’s kind of gotten crazy,” says Heather. “That’s just (Hayden) — he’s just a good kid. If he hadn’t wanted to do it, he wouldn’t have done it.”

Despite gaining notoriety for his good deed, Hayden is more excited about so many people getting to see his costume and the cool flip he did off the Robertson’s front porch.