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Travel Experts Predict The Most Popular Destinations For 2023

Travel in 2022 was quite enjoyable, with changes in pandemic restrictions and utter airport chaos. Even though there were challenges, it was clear people were willing to get back into exploration and bring “revenge travel” to fruition. We can expect more adventure opportunities next year.

Naveen Dittakavi, CEO of Next Vacay, said, “People’s desire to experience new places hasn’t changed much in recent years. That’s what’s going to drive 2023 destination popularity.”

Where do experts see travelers flocking to next year? Here’s what they predict for next year’s travel.


Travel blogger Claire Summers, behind Claire’s Itchy Feet, believes Cyprus will be one of the top places in 2023 to visit. She noted that the island is much cheaper than some other popular destinations in Greece. There are fantastic scuba diving spots, stunning beaches, and cute cafes serving tasty Cypriot food. Limassol gives Miami vibes, Summers said.


Peru is becoming increasingly popular due to the abundance of good travel deals for flying there without breaking the bank. Esther Susag, a travel blogger, said, “Compared to just two months ago, Peru seems to be on the rise, and I predict it will continue through 2023. Most people are eager to travel again and want new adventures different from the classic European vacation.”

Memphis, Tennessee

The revitalization of Memphis’ Downtown area has been receiving significant resources, with excellent hotels opening and a major upgrade of Tom Lee Park expected in 2023,” said Katy Nastro, a Scott’s Cheap Flights spokesperson. Tennessee tourists often stick to Nashville, but Memphis has a unique culture, deep music history, and delicious food.


Konrad Waliszewski, CEO and co-founder of the booking, and deals resource @hotel, called Malta the most underrated gem of the Mediterranean. It’s one of Europe’s most historical and natural attractions. The food is fantastic, the hospitality is exceptional, and everything is within easy reach. It hosts several cultural festivals and other events that attract tourists worldwide, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.