Trailer for “House of Cards” Season 6 Reveals Fate of Spacey’s Character

After the sexual misconduct controversy of Kevin Spacey that brought about the downfall of his future acting projects, Netflix’s long-running political drama “House of Cards” scrambled to continue without him. It wouldn’t be an easy rewrite. Spacey was the centerpiece as the corrupt US President Frank Underwood. He’d have to be replaced and the easiest candidate to slip into those dark shoes of powers was undoubtedly his character’s wife Claire played by Robin Wright. And as the new trailer for the show reveals, she is taking over in a big way.

The rather cold teaser presents Claire looking over the grave of Frank, having been killed off somehow between seasons. As with Claire’s usual nature, she looks upon his headstone to view him as a loser, stating that she won’t be so easily upstaged or crushed by her own corruption.


“When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line”

It may seem rather dark as though the show is taking a quick shot at Spacey, but one must consider the nature of the show in which Claire and Frank were ruthless in their fight for political power, going so far as secret murders at times.

In addition to Wright, other actors for this final season of the show will include Michael Kelly, Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Cody Fern, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver.

Image: The Playlist

“House of Cards” will debut its last episodes on Netflix November 2, 2018.