Feel Good

Tis The Season – Even In October

There is said to be an unwritten “rule” that we are not supposed to decorate for Christmas until at least the day after Thanksgiving.  There was even a poll, published by Confused.com in 2015, that of those surveyed, over eighty-six percent felt that the entire month of November was way too early to be putting up decorations of a holiday nature.

I guess I am not the norm, because I make it “rule” to start putting up my Christmas tree on October 1st every year.  The Christmas tree is the most important, and sentimental part, of the season for me, so I want to be able to enjoy it as long as I can.

Now, with all that said, the fact that I do decorate early, according to studies, can make me a happier person than those who choose not to.

Image: Martha Stewart

According to psychologist Deborah Serani:

“It creates that neurological shift that can produce happiness.  Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone.”

This may be because we associate Christmas with some of the happiest memories in our life.  A time when the family gathers, presents are exchanged, and for a few hours, all is right in the world.  Psychotherapist and author Amy Morin points out:

“The holiday season stirs up a sense of nostalgia.  Nostalgia helps link people to their personal past and it helps people understand their identity.  For many, putting up Christmas decorations early is a way for them to reconnect with their childhoods.”

Image: bystephanielynn

There is also another added benefit of putting up your decorations early.  Not only will you benefit, but your neighbors will as well.  According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a recent study showed that if you are one to put up your decorations early, your neighbors may think of you like a more likable, sociable,  and more approachable individual.