Tiger Woods Denied Pizza During Farmer’s Insurance Open—Remained A Good Sport

Contrary to what most golf fans believe, the great golfer Tiger Woods doesn’t always get his way—and that was never more evident than at the recent Farmer’s Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

In what is being termed by many as “Pizzagate”, Woods was denied pizza, when he stopped at the 13th hole to grab himself a slice.  It seemed that his arrival was ill-timed as the food had not gone through the routine inspection, and as such was not ready for distribution to the players.

Image: USA Today

When told that a video depicting his denial of the pizza was making its way around the internet, Woods commented:

“They weren’t allowed to give them out.  They were filling out paperwork at the time.  We were the first ones through, so I don’t know.”

The incident which occurred on Friday, the first day of the golf tournament, was caught on video by one of the gallery members present, Brandon Stone of KUSI.  The video shows Woods walking up to a pile of pizza boxes, containing pizzas provided by Dang Brother Pizza.  The server that was in attendance when Woods approached instructed the 80-time PGA Tour winner that they were not able to serve the pizzas at that time.

Woods just laughed the incident off on Friday, being that he was in a good mood having come in 2-under 70 for the second straight time.  His score had him sitting pretty at just eleven shots off the then current lead.

Image: Golf.com

Woods also stated:

“We were looking for anything.  We were starving.  A couple buys in the group were offering twenty bucks for a box of pizza, and we didn’t get any.  So that’s the way it goes.”

As of this writing, the video has continued to remain on the station’s website.  All in all, Woods was a pretty good sport, although a hungry one.