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Three Weeks Later, Dedicated Cashier Returns Customer’s Three Dollars in Change

It’s not unusual to forget to get your change before walking away from a cash register or driving away from a drive-thru window. Usually, that money is gone forever, even if it’s just a couple buck. But as Danny Cadra recently found out, that’s not always the case.

Last month, Cadra drove away from the drive-thru window at the Chick-fil-A in Lubbock, Texas before cashier Marcus Henderson could return his $3 in change. But knowing Cadra was a regular customer at the restaurant, Henderson figured he’d see him again, so he kept his change for safe keeping.


Every day he went to work, Henderson would bring the envelope with three $1 bills and a few coins belonging to Cadra.

“It was basically a part of my uniform,” says Henderson. “It was my name tag, my hat, my apron, and I just put it in my back pocket, just in case today might be the day where I see him.”

Three weeks later, Henderson saw Cadra when he stopped by to eat at Child-fil-A.

“He says, ‘Awhile back, you left your change here,'” Cadra explains. “I’m like, ‘My change, what do you mean?’ and he said, ‘You drove off without your change,’ and I said, ‘Are you serious, man?'”

Cadra said he didn’t care about the $3, but he was stunned at the gesture and the dedication on the part of Henderson.

“Man, what a great American” Cadra said of Henderson. “It meant that much to him, so it meant even that much more to me.”


Henderson says returning the $3 to Cadra wasn’t a big deal or a huge inconvenience. Instead, he says it’s part of the job.

“I’m called to serve these people well, not only because of my job but who I am,” he said. “This has pushed me to act in ways where I wouldn’t naturally.”

After Henderson went through the trouble to save Cadra’s change, the two exchanged a hug and are now planning to meet up outside of Chick-fil-A as friends rather than cashier and customer.