Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Jogging Today

We all want to burn more calories, tighten those soft areas and earn a toned body. We can definitely achieve all of this without having to lift super heavy weights or engage ourselves in ridiculously intense exercises.

Steady state cardio, like jogging, tends to be the victim of unnecessary criticism and hate, but don’t let that fool you into believing it’s ineffective. Just an hour of jogging can help you burn up to 400 calories!

After careful analysis of all the facts and evidence at our disposal, we’ve lasered in on three things you can easily do to improve the quality of your jog and the results from it.

Step 1: Pay Attention To Your Posture


Straight neck, chest out, loose arms and keep your gaze fixed straight ahead of you. Forget about slouching over to watch your new sneakers hit the pavement, it’s doing more harm than good. Keeping a straight neck and spine while jogging drastically reduces the likelihood of feeling stiff, sore and/or sick after a good run.

Ladies, repeat the following words every time you jog – “Firmer thighs starts with the direction of your eyes.”

Step 2: Form A Pre-Workout Routine


Exercise doesn’t have to be super painful and annoying. Those aches and cramps you feel after a workout can be avoided by simply practicing a few habits.

Ideally, down a drink high in electrolytes, avoid eating 20 minutes before working out, hydrate adequately and stretch in your training gear.

If you ever feel like skipping it, remember this – “Pre-workout or suffer the fallout.

Step 3: Don’t Gasp For Air, Just Breathe!


 Many new joggers can and will attest to how quickly they start feeling out of breath and drained of energy. Plos One conducted a study on breathing dynamics and concluded that a pattern of exhaling every two strides and inhaling after one stride is a more effective breathing pattern for longer endurance and energy.

Stop gasping for air and repeat after me – “Two out, one in.”

h/t: The List