Health Hacks

Three Quick Rituals The Rich And Famous Use To Ensure Success Each Day

If Oprah prescribes it, you can probably hang your hat on it.

These three, 2-minute routines have been making the rounds in showbiz, sports and high-demand parenting for awhile now, but it turns out they can be quite useful for the tasks of everyday life.

The point: to gain the confidence you need to accomplish whatever you’ve set out to conquer each day, do this stuff!

Believe In A Lucky Object

During the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, athletes were asked to admit to their good luck charms. Some claimed to have lucky sports bras, others had lucky necklaces or a lucky pair of socks, but the point is that every interviewed athlete had an object they held on to.

Objects become lucky for two reasons: contiguous events or the fact that they were touched by someone famous or admired.

Researchers describe contiguous events as the process that qualifies an object as lucky. If you wore a particular item when something amazing happened, in your mind, the two became linked, and your mind is a powerful thing.

Another way an item is qualified as lucky is when it derives powers from a famous or admired person (at least in YOUR mind). Studies show that individuals who believe they have a lucky item in their possession perform higher. For example: when a neurosurgeon keeps an old set of surgical instruments simply because they belonged to his mentor, making him feel supernaturally guided.

Power Posing

“Power posing” was a concept developed by Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School researcher. Cuddy gave a TED Talk on the topic and it’s been viewed over 41 million times. Apparently standing in a dominant pose–feet spread apart and hands on your hips or in the air–can increase your sense of power.

Other scientists claim that power posing helps to boost confidence as well. Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia University added to the research and published a paper on his findings back in 2013. Galinsky claims that “power writing” can be even more effective than “power posing.” Before a job interview or a difficult conversation that has to be had, take five minutes to write about a moment in life where you felt powerful. It will give you the confidence you need to carry out what’s in front of you.

Meditate On A Great Performance

This doesn’t translate to literal meditation, but it can. Athletes visualize step-by-step movements before performing. Radio personalities pull old clips and run over call-in scenarios before going on air. Actors memorize lines and perform in front of the mirror… the list goes on.

Each person should take the time to develop a method for visualizing great performance, even if that means literal meditation.

Give each method a try for at least a month, and watch them bring ease and add confidence to the not-so-easy tasks of your day!