Three Quick and Easy DIY Projects For The Single Woman’s Apartment

Whether you’re a college student, a single young professional, or an aspiring artist, your first apartment probably won’t have much space. And if you’re just starting out, you’re likely looking for ways to maximize your dollar. Knowing how to decorate can be difficult, especially when you’re not working with much cash flow.

Here are three easy DIY projects that will take up little space while adding significant style and color to your otherwise bland apartment.

Hanging Storage in Under an Hour!


Hanging storage is your answer for tight spaces and a great way to use up vertical space.

What you’ll need: Cord; a tape measure; scissors; your choice of a set of three baskets; a screwdriver, and a c-hook.

Step one: Cut your four 2-yard lengths of cord and tie one to each corner of your large basket.

Step two: Tie a small overhand knot 12 inches up each cord. Slip the ends through the corners of your medium basket.

Step three: Measure 12 inches up again and weave through your small basket.

Step four: Screw your c-hook into your wall.

Step five: Tie all your cords together and loop over the c-hook. Make sure your basket is lying flat against the wall. Now, trim your excess cord and you’re done!

You can make hanging fruit baskets or even hanging planters! The amazing thing is, you can use this trick in every room!

Modern Wall Art in Under 30 Minutes!


It can be an overwhelming task to decide what to do with bare walls, and looking for that perfect piece of art within your budget can be way too time-consuming. With this DIY project, you choose the shapes and colors that best fit your apartment while easily filling up those blank spaces on your walls.

What you’ll need: Large 19.5 x 26.5 pieces of paper (colors of your choice); contact paper (in two patterns or more); scissors; a pencil, and frames for your finished work!

Step one: Decide on the shapes you want, then flip your contact paper over and draw your shapes.

Step two: Cut your shapes and remove the paper backing.

Step three: Attach your shapes to your colored paper.

Your artwork is now ready to be framed and hung! It’s that easy!

Mud Cloth Curtains in Two Hours Tops!


Mud cloth curtains are incredibly desirable right now, but if you’re a single woman in college or just starting your career, you might not have an extra $80 lying around. If you do have the extra cash, you might not be able to find the design you want. Why not create exactly what you have in mind without all the stress?!

What you’ll need: Acrylic paint; a foam brush; some type of clear, acetate paper; a craft knife; cotton fabric (you can use a bed sheet); a drop cloth and stencil templates.

Step one: Download your templates or you can draw them by hand if you’re feeling courageous.

Step two: Print your templates onto your acetate paper. Then cut them out.

Step three: Lay down your drop cloth and dip the foam brush into the acrylic paint before dabbing the stencil onto your chosen fabric. It may get a bit messy, so if you want a sharper look, use a spray adhesive so your stencils won’t move as you work.

Step four: If you decided to use a sheet, you’ll have to cut it in half and hem the edges. Make sure to fold the cuff down so it’s facing away from your print. Stitch the cuff and create a sleeve to slide your curtain rod into. Do all of this before applying your stencils.

Your project is now finished and the amazing look will definitely surprise you and lead to a topic of discussion at your next house party.

Do you love these simple but creative DIY projects? Comment with other fun, quick and easy projects of your own!

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