Three Cold Soups For Hot Days

Heat waves are sweeping across the United States right now, and places overseas aren’t faring much better, either. What do you make for dinner when turning on the oven or standing over the stove is agonizing? Cold soup is a delicious way to cool down. Here are three easy recipe ideas:

Avocado-cucumber soup

Two of the most cooling ingredients available at the store, avocado soup with cucumber is very easy to make, and there’s zero cooking involved. Simply blend your cucumber and avocado together with salt, pepper, cold water, yogurt, and herbs and spices like mint, lime juice, and paprika. If you want to add something more, top with crab meat, bacon, and/or a crumbly cheese. Serve with a nice crusty bread. 

Tomato gazpacho

A classic Spanish dish, there are a million variations of gazpacho. Any and all veggies are welcome, though you will most likely start off with fresh tomatoes for the base. Blend your tomatoes with ingredients like onion, salt, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and parsley. Add in chopped veggies of your choice, like cucumbers, more tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on. Serve with bread. 

Cold noodle soup

Most noodle soups are served warm, but the noodle soup from Korea known as “Naengmyeon” is cold. Like gazpacho, you can pretty much add whatever you want, but the base is pretty much the same. First, you want to get an Asian noodle, like soba or udon. Next, prepare the broth, which will include ingredients like chicken broth, soy sauce, fish sauce, scallions, and so on. The noodles do have to be boiled, so there’s a little cooking involved in this dish, but Asian noodles cook very fast. Just follow the instructions on the package. To halt the cooking process and cool them down, rinse finished noodles under cold water. Put in a serving bowl with sliced cucumbers and pour over the sauce. For a more substantial meal, you can also add strips of cooked beef or hard-boiled eggs. 

*For more detailed ingredient measurements and instructions, google the three soups and find the recipe you like best*