Three Amazing Health Benefits When You Work Olive Oil Into Your Meals

There are many food ingredients that boost our bodies and minds, but one popular condiment is gaining increased attention for its often overlooked health benefits. Olive oil is more than a delicious marinade, and it has an abundance of wellness purposes that can help you achieve peak health.

It’s time to hit the salad bar, because these three health benefits will have you excited to pack some olive oil into your diet. You won’t believe what bodily systems that this magical oil can support for optimal health!

It’s A Natural Pain Reliever

If you suffer from constant headaches or body pains, it may be time to put down the aspirin and grab some olive oil. The enzyme oleocanthal that is found in olive oil can help reduce inflammation and provide some pain relief.

Although olive oil may not be as strong of a pain reliever compared to medications you buy over-the-counter, making a point to increase your intake of the oil can become beneficial to finding some natural relief. Incorporate a spoonful of this magical marinade into your diet every day and you can ease your pains!

Obtain Silky Hair And Soft Skin

Vitamin E is abundant in olive oil, which is helpful nutrient when it comes to keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Take a spoonful of olive oil a day or directly apply it to your face or hands to keep them moisturized. Keep your locks long and luscious with this all-natural hair mask!

Supersize Your Brain

Olive oil is considered a monounsaturated fat, which means it helps to enhance the neurological pathways in your brain. What does that mean for your ability to think efficiently? Quite a bit! Your thoughts and neurological impulses will flow faster and more effectively. Consider implementing more olive oil into your diet for some solid thinking power!