This News Anchor Has Worn Wigs And False Lashes Throughout Her Cancer Treatment

Pam Huff had a week of liberation after working continuously as the first female nightly news anchor in Alabama for ABC 33/40 while undergoing rigorous treatment for breast cancer. The treatment included chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and a lumpectomy, which led her to wear a wig and false lashes to conceal the physical effects of the treatment, including hair loss.

However, she finally shed her disguise this week and embraced her natural appearance. On Tuesday’s broadcast, she commemorated her victory over cancer by appearing on air without her wig and fake eyelashes that she had worn for months.

Many viewers saw her natural hair for the first time since she started treatment. It lifted a burden off Huff’s shoulders.

She tells Yahoo Life, “I called the wig my hat. Every evening when I walked into the house, my hat was the first thing I took off. So, my family, close friends, and neighbors were very accustomed to seeing me this way. It was very freeing to me to lift that off [on air]and go, ‘OK, this is it. I have nothing else. You’ve seen it all!'”

The decision to open up about her diagnosis wasn’t easy, despite already sharing her new look on social media. “I was scared. She wasn’t sure how people would react to Tuesday’s newscast. Although people have seen some pictures online, doing a full newscast with this little hair is different. I wasn’t sure if it would go well, but it did.”

After Huff debuted her wig-free head on the 33/40 news team, viewers began texting, messaging, and sending emails. “People were saying, ‘Go for it,’ ‘It’s wonderful,’ and ‘You go, girl!'” she relays the response. “So, the hair is now here. We’ll see what happens from this point forward. It’s up to us what we do with it.”