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This Dad Meeting His Rainbow Baby For The First Time Is Beyond Magical!

Experiencing a loss is never easy. It is especially difficult if you lose someone without getting the chance to meet them. Miscarriage is becoming a less taboo topic in society, with women coming forward with their stories and bringing awareness to this hardship that many people experience.

Hope and Hunter Madden know this feeling all too well. After suffering a miscarriage and infertility, this couple was ready to welcome a baby girl into the world. What birth photographer Leilani Rogers captured during Hope’s labor will bring you to tears.

Leilani Rogers

Leilani Rogers is a photographer out of Austin, TX that has been able to capture many different births, but her experience with the Maddens was especially emotional. Despite their experiences with loss and infertility, this couple was so strong and so determined to bring their baby girl into the world.

Rogers was moved by how connected the couple was during their daughter’s birth. Hunter Madden didn’t leave his wife’s side during the entire birthing process, and when he finally got to hold his rainbow baby Evelyn it was a moment that no one will ever be able to forget.

Leilani Rogers

A rainbow baby is described as a baby that is born after a couple goes through the storm of losing another baby to miscarriage or suffering from infertility. The Maddens viewed the birth of Evelyn as a triumph, and Hunter’s face says it all.

This new dad is overcome with emotion, and we can feel it through the pictures captured of him holding his daughter.

Leilani Rogers

The Internet is so overwhelmingly moved by Hunter Madden’s reactions to seeing and holding his daughter Evelyn for the first time, and this couple’s story is a testament to all of the couples out there suffering through infertility and miscarriage.

Just know that you are not alone, and there are other couples out there waiting for their rainbow baby to arrive. You just have to keep persevering despite all odds and watch a miracle unfold.