This Couple Makes Thousands From Their Instagram Travel Pics

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are like a lot of young couples, except for one thing: They get paid to travel the world together and post about it on Instagram.

The two met just over a year ago in Fiji. Now, they share a living space together in Bali, but they haven’t settled down just yet. They typically travel to a new country at least once a month, documenting their adventures with envy-inducing pictures — and earning a six-figure income — along the way.


Morris and Bullen were already fairly “Insta-famous” before they met: Jack boasts 2.1 million followers on the social media site, and Lauren has over 1.3 million. They earn their living through paid sponsorship of posts. Sometimes that means hotel or travel agencies mentioned in their captions; sometimes it’s Bullen modeling a bikini or new jewelry. Depending on the deal, they can earn as much as $9,000 per Instagram post.

“I only promote or post about things I truly like or believe in,” Jack said in a Q+A on his website recently, “which is very important to me and why my posts resonate with so many of you.”


Jack, 26, left his hometown outside of Manchester, England, after five years of working as a carpet cleaner. Lauren, 24, is a self-taught photographer from Australia. They met on a job and have been inseparable ever since.

Jack claims the secret to getting good photos is to shoot about one hour after sunrise, when the lighting is good and there are fewer people around.


“We never expected to be offered this kind of money for simply following our passions and doing what we love,” Jack told Cosmopolitan. “We both feel so lucky. It still doesn’t feel like real life sometimes.”