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This Country Is A Yet To Be Discovered Paradise

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, dreamed of their own little private island getaway, where they could relax on the beach, sink their feet into the sand, and forget about all their trouble’s. Sound like a daydream? Well, it doesn’t have to be, this island is the next best thing simply because hardly anyone even visits it.

Image: Flickr

There is indeed a tropical island that is visited by less than 2,000 people each year, as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. What does this mean for you? It means there will be none of the usual hustle and bustle experienced at the heavily visits sites, and you won’t have to spend countless hours fighting for the perfect spot to rest your toes in the sand.

The South Pacific country, Tuvalu, is pretty much an unspoiled sanctuary, with an average temperature of 87 degrees year-round. It sports beautiful, pristine beaches, a low crime rate, and a massive ecosystem of marine life including atolls, lagoons, and stunning coral reefs. The paradise itself is spread out amongst the nine islands that make up the country.

Image: New Zealand Geographic

On the downside is that this island paradises population is quickly dwindling, and the UN has added it to a list of islands that will most assuredly end up disappearing into the ocean sometime within the 21st Century. The Guardian reported that there is already evidence of coastal erosion and continually rising tides. This will mean, if you choose to visit the island, you will have to practice patience in dealing with the current travel requirements.

Anytime one chooses to travel, there are what could be called built-in headaches and issues involved. However, when going to this island, the problems are not of the norm but keep in mind that the benefits on the other side are more than worth it.