These Weight-Loss Myths Are Worth Ditching In The New Year

It’s easy in theory to lose weight but not always easy in practice. It can be challenging to lose weight healthily when so many fad diets and experts offer conflicting advice. A registered dietitian and an obesity doctor debunk the most common weight-loss myths to give people the best chance of long-term success.

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Willpower Is The Key To Weight Loss

Obesity specialist Dr. Spencer Nadolsky said you’ll probably not lose weight with willpower alone. He said, “Our environments and bodies fight us as we try to lose weight. It may take some willpower to start, but to make it last, you must change your habits, and some may need medical intervention, such as medicine or surgery.”

To Lose Weight, You Must Cut Carbs

Nadolsky noted that this myth is perpetuated because carbs are thought to cause insulin production, and insulin is a fat-storing hormone. Calorie deficits give you weight loss or eating fewer calories than you burn. Nadolsky said carbs could make you lose weight even if insulin is released. Numerous studies have examined this, and it still boils down to calories.”

Losing Weight Is Easier When You Fast

Mockler said fasting does not lead to more weight loss when calorie intake is equated. Fasting is often used to lose weight through eating windows such as 5:2, but there is nothing superior about this other than helping someone stick to a calorie deficit. You’ll see great results no matter how you spread your calories out.”

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Weight Loss Is Hindered By Sugar

Mockler said that if we keep our calories in check, eating sugary foods will not hinder weight loss. Sugar may not be nutritional or particularly satiating (which means you may overeat), but it isn’t harmful. Make sure you get enough fiber during the day. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a delicious treat once in a while.