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These Simple DIY Shelves Glow In The Dark, And It’s Pure Magic!

The DIY craze has reached epic proportions, and it’s a great addition to any lazy Saturday when you want to be productive and add some nice decor to your home. Think of it as arts and crafts for adults. Many of us reminisce about our favorite childhood memories, and there is something so nostalgic about anything glow-in-the-dark. You can now embrace your favorite childhood obsession through this easy DIY glowing shelves project!


You have to start off with a piece of wood that has a bunch of imperfections. Wood with a lot of holes and cracks will give you an epic glowing effect. You then have to mix the resin to get yourself glowing — and it’s simple and eco-friendly.


Mix some clear casting resin with some pigmented resin to get that illuminating effect. Once you mix the two together it should start to show its true, glowing colors.


Before you start pouring the pigmented resin into all of the nooks and crannies, make sure to place a piece of tape on the bottom of any holes or cracks you will be filling. This way the liquid will stay put and you will have a long-lasting glow.

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Start to pour generously, but make sure the piece of wood is on a level surface to avoid any spilling. Once all 0f the holes and cracks are filled with resin, you have to let it sit for a few days to dry. Start to remove the tape when the liquid is completely dry. It’s now time to spruce up the final product!


Sand the wood and then apply eight or nine coats of an oil finish to give the wood a nice, glossy look. Once the oil finish is dry you are ready to hang your masterpiece.


Add some rustic mason jars or other cute trinkets and your shelves will be looking sharp. Glow-in-the-dark never looked so sophisticated. This DIY project will have you simply glowing!

h/t: Imgur