These Signs Prove You’re Aging Faster Than You Should

Eat This, Not That! Aging is an evitable part of life, but you can slow it down or speed it up by your lifestyle choices and health habits. In addition to premature aging, health issues can speed up the process. Here are signs that you’re aging faster than you should, based on what experts shared with health.

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No One Wants To Age Fast

Dr. Tomi Mitchell, a Board-Certified Family Physician shares, ” No one has ever told me they want to age faster. Many people become acutely aware of their age after they hit 30. It can be unsettling for many people. They may spend more money and time on beauty products. However, we can certainly slow the aging process. Even as we age, we can maintain a high quality of life.

Inflammation And Chronic Pain

Lisa Richards, a nutritionist, and author, said, ” Chronic pain is not part of everyday life for most people. If you are experiencing inflammation, water retention, poor sleep, and chronic pain, you are aging faster than you should. Eating anti-inflammatory foods, whole grains, and healthy fats can also slow aging. It boosts cellular health, gut health, immunity, and overall wellness.

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Muscle Mass Is Eroding

Do you know that lack of muscle mass indicates early aging? Dr. Mitchell says muscle mass starts reducing around 30 and accelerates with age. Several factors contribute to this, including a decrease in testosterone and growth hormone production and a reduction in muscle tissue. Slowing muscle loss through regular exercise, adequate protein intake, or creatine supplementation is possible.

You’re Losing Bone Mass

Our bodies change as we age. As we age, our bones change. Our bones weaken and become brittle over time. As we age, our bones break down more rapidly than they rebuild, so their breakdown rate begins to exceed their rate of rebuilding. Fractures can result from decreased bone density.