These Quick Hacks Will Keep Avocados From Spoiling

Avocados are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or all three in one day. But as any avocado aficionado knows, once you slice that fruit open, you’ve got to eat it — or it starts to go brown really fast.

But what if you only need half an avocado at a time? There are many myths and urban legends about the best way to keep them from browning: Leave the pit in! Take the pit out! Dance around it in a circle three times chanting “Guacamole!”

Through a lot of trial and error, we’ve figured it out. Here are the best ways to prevent your leftover avocados from turning brown and sad.

#1 Do Nothing

If you plan on returning to that avocado within 24 hours, don’t sweat it. Just seal it in a container or plastic wrap, stick it in the refrigerator, and enjoy.

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#2 Pair It With An Onion

Seal the fruit in a container or ziplock bag with a slice of onion. Red, yellow, white; it doesn’t matter. Onions are known for their absorbent powers, but be careful: that oniony flavor might leak back into the avocado itself.

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#3 Or Some Citrus

Alternatively, pack the avocado with a slice of sour citrus — lemon or lime — which will help act as a preservative. Some people claim that apples work just as well, too.

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#4 Plain ‘Ol Water

This is by far the most effective method for keeping an open avocado fresh and green. Find a container that will fit your leftover avocado and fill it with enough water to cover any exposed green flesh. Seal and store in the fridge!

The reason why this method works is because the water acts as a barrier against oxygen, which is what fuels the browning process in the first place. You can even try this method with prepared guacamole: pat it down flat in a container then gently pour a layer of water over the surface to act as a sealant.

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The next time you’ve got some leftover avocado, make sure it doesn’t go to waste! Save your second half for another meal and relive that creamy goodness again and again.

h/t Little Things