These Hacks Will Help You Stay Cool During The Fall Youth Sports Season

A favorite fall pastime for many families is returning to youth sports with the start of school. Parents are finding it challenging to stay on top of everything during these weeks when we begin to usher in earlier sunsets, cooler weather, homework, and everything else that comes with school.

Even though most parents think they have to clone themselves to survive the fall sports season, there are some hacks you can use to keep your sanity during games.

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Preparation Of Meals

Most parents are torn between eating something quick before leaving or waiting until the end of the night to eat. Jené Luciani Sena, a parenting and lifestyle writer, says accepting that you’re in survival mode on these nights can help.

She says, “I do lots of crock pot stuff, but it’s also about not beating yourself up for everyone to eat perfectly. The point is to get through!”

Adapt To What You Have

Jeannette Kaplun, the parenting author and mother of two suggests you figure out what you can take on the road to accomplish with you. Even if that means doing homework on the go, it is unlikely that you will get everything done before leaving the house.

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Food Always Counts!

Be prepared to share your munchies and Gatorades! The only thing more distracting than a hangry kid is snacks, which Sena recommends! In case other kids get hungry, Sena says she will offer them munchies if they get a little hungry.

Schedule Your Time Wisely

Fall sports season can be challenging, so be realistic about your time and let your kids choose which activities they enjoy.

Alanna Gallo, the education expert, said, “One of the many reasons our family started traveling full-time is because of the hectic lifestyle in the US. Kids need downtime to play versus being dragged around from one activity to another by adults. Learn. Thrive, and mother of four.”