These Five Biceps Exercises Will Build Big, Strong Arms

Typical workout routines often overlook the most effective biceps training despite all the flexing you may see on social media.

According to superhero trainer Don Saladino, biceps curls are rising in popularity as some exercise programs replicate life motions, such as squatting, pulling, and pushing.

However, biceps are not just mirrored muscles since your arms play a significant role in most “functional” scenarios.

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Saladino says, “Suddenly arms no longer make a list as functional, and they are functional. They are a muscle group that will contribute to our pullings. If our biceps are stronger, they will have a lot of functionality.”

Is there an exercise that will enhance both function and aesthetics? Samuel and Saladino present their top five must-do biceps exercises.

The Spider Curl

An excellent way of getting a good biceps squeeze, spider curls involve stabilizing the shoulders on the bench and removing the emphasis from the bis.

With an EZ-curl bar, it is a more wrist-friendly movement. Curl the bar up to the bridge of your nose, no higher, as you risk shifting the work to your shoulders. Repeat three times.

Standing Single-Arm Cable Curl

Saladino says the unique thing about this curl is the arm placement you take. You can isolate each arm and biceps by externally rotating your shoulders.

If you are doing this isolation cable exercise, I recommend 10 to 15 repetitions.

Incline Curl

An incline dumbbell curl allows you to reach an excellent stretch for your biceps from a different perspective. Make sure your upper arms are parallel to the ground behind your torso.

Saladino says, My job is to keep those arms straight, and from there, it’s just flexion. And then extension, it’s that easy. The shoulders are stiff, and my biceps feel like they will explode.”

Hammer Curl

A forearm blaster works on your brachialis muscle. Hammer curls can involve alternating reps or lifting both arms at once. It’s okay to limit reps to about 6 to 8 since you’re using heavier weight.

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Straight Bar Curl

The old school still rules in 2022, as demonstrated by this classic biceps, which again uses heavyweight. The movement must be taut while still getting a solid squeeze at the top. Four to six reps with a heavy load are fine too.

Saladino says, “I see many young trainees going to machines and dumbbells at the expense of this movement. But the best bodies on the planet have come from this exercise.”