These Fascinating Homes Were Built With Weirdly Perfect Purposes

A person can drive for miles and see so much of the same stuff. That’s why when coming across something out of the box, the best thing to do is stop and explore. So, let’s take a peek into three of the craziest designed houses in the world!

The Heliodome In Strasbourg, France

The Heliodome is a bio-climatic solar house designed to be three-dimensional and at an angle, forming the perfect relationship to the sun’s movements. In the summer, it provides shade to keep the house cool. During the other three seasons, the sunlight is channeled to enter the right windows to heat up the space.

But you definitely need to wear a robe in this house.

The Alice In Wonderland Mushroom House, Cincinnati

In 1992, Alice In Wonderland obsessed Terry Brown was tired of his boring one-bedroom bungalow, so he got to work. Terry claims he just kept adding on shingles until it looked like one giant mushroom. It took him 14 years to finish, and unfortunately, he only got the chance to live in it for two years before he died.

The house was listed for sale in 2012 and quickly sold to an unknown buyer. Whoever bought the house knew it’d be a cash mound because people continuously pay to stay here.

The UFO House Deep In The Forest Of Tennessee

In 2008, this property was purchased by a Signal Mountain local for $120,000 after the family who built it in the 70s could no longer care for it. It’s now being advertised as a futuristic vacation home and rented out to travelers.

This concrete, UFO-shaped house is quite the spot! Apparently, that drop-down airplane door leads directly to a bar. I wonder if the drink of choice is Outer Space Vodka?