These Breakfast Habits Are The Worst For Your Immunity

Winter means warmth and trying to build your immune system to fight the flu season. While a few supplements and exercises can help, eating well is the best way to strengthen your immune system. There are a few breakfast habits that can cause more harm than good. So keep reading to know what not to do this winter.

What To Do?

  • Stay Away From Sugar: Consuming excessive sugar over time can negatively impact your white blood cells. Substituting pancakes with healthy food every day can improve your health drastically.
  • Don’t Skip The Orange Juice: You can skip 100% orange juice with breakfast when limiting sugar intake. It contains essential immune-supporting nutrients and has the potential to help fight inflammation.
  • Increase Vitamin D Intake: Vitamin D is essential in boosting your immune system and can be easy to skip. Eat eggs, milk, oatmeal, salmon, and drink fruit juices to get sufficient Vitamin D.
  • Add Protein To Your Diet: Breakfast foods are full of carbs and lack protein. So consuming heavy protein foods like eggs, milk, and tofu can boost the immune system. Protein is vital to maintain good health
  • Overeating Junk Food: Having McDonald’s and KFC can wreck your immunity. Fast food can be accessible and convenient but has excess salt and no nutrition. Having a high salt diet can weaken your immune system, and eating food that is not high in sodium is a better choice.