These 3 Food Preservatives Could Be Hurting You. Look Out For Them.

If you want to eat clean, you have to eat as raw as possible. There are preservatives in our food that we never read as dangerous, but the effect they have on our bodies could be killing us.

Here are the three most commonly overlooked preservatives in our store-bought food.

Carrageenans In Almond And Coconut Milk

If you’re dairy-free, you’re probably buying one of these products. Not all brands of almond and coconut milk have carrageenans hidden within, but check the label when you go to purchase.

Carrageenans are added to thicken non-dairy milk products, but they lead to inflammation of the intestines and eventually digestive problems.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) In Processed And Fast Foods

MSG is an additive that claims to add flavor, but really just masks the reality of what you’re eating. MSG is a form of the amino acid glutamic acid, but has manufactured chemicals.

Too much glutamate all at once overstimulates the nervous system and causes headaches and organ inflammation. If you’re buying anything you can cook in a microwave, or prepackaged snack foods, make sure to check the label for MSG. It’s no friend to

It’s no friend to you or your body.

Estrogenic Activity (EA) In BPA-Free Bottles

We all switched to BPA-free bottles to escape the health concerns of BPA linked to developing fetuses, infants and children. Research now suggests that the chemicals in BPA-free plastic could be even more harmful than BPA. They bind to estrogen, increasing it over time in the blood stream.

This creates an eventual threat to the reproductive organs, and it’s also linked to weight gain. The chemical is activated even more when these plastic products are left in sunlight or around heat.

Instead of having to worry about it, buy reusable glass bottles. They’re worth the investment because they last a long time and present no threat to you or your children.

Now that you’re educated on these hidden preservatives, shop smarter!