Themed Monopolies You Have To See To Believe

Since it came out in the 1930’s, the game of “Monopoly” has continued to be one of the most popular board games. Its concept may be simple – buy as many properties as possible and collect the most rent – but it can be played for days on end and everyone has their own strategy. Since the game has been around for so long, various themed editions have been released to show that the company understands modern pop culture. Here are the most unique versions:


Popular in the 1990’s, Pokemon has made a comeback thanks the app Pokemon Go. Though it was first released a while ago, you can get a Pokemon version of Monopoly where the goal is to travel through eight gyms and battle the Pokemon monsters. Instead of properties, you buy monsters, while houses and hotels are replaced by Pokemon centers and “Poke Marts.”

A Pokeball from “Pokemon”

Cat Lovers

If you’re someone who is always watching cat videos, this is the edition for you. Instead of pieces of land, you buy cats. This version is not currently made anymore and copies on Amazon will cost you upwards of $100.

Star Wars

The sagas from a galaxy far, far away are always popular, so this Monopoly edition is great for all ages. Choose to play on the Rebel or Empire side, and buy planets instead of property. If another player lands on your planet, they owe you rent.

Electronic Banking

Do you find the old Monopoly outdated? The Electronic Banking edition features debit cards instead of paper money and an electronic banking unit where you swipe the cards. The game moves faster and more money changes hands to reflect modern times.

Play with more money quickly with Electronic Banking Monopoly

Street Fighter

An iconic arcade game and cult film, Street Fighter found its way into a Monopoly game where you can buy and collect rent on 22 locations from the series. To play, choose from six characters like Ryu and Chun Li.