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The Viral Rice Water Hair Hack On TikTok Could Be Worth A Try

The rice water challenge has become a buzzy TikTok beauty hack that promotes hair growth naturally (hello, #ricewaterchallenge). Some products let you skip the DIY part of rice water hacks by rinsing or spraying your hair with a water soaked in a bowl of rice.

Does this rice water trick thicken and lengthen your hair? According to the claims, it can make your hair grow super fast. Women’s Health spoke with hair experts to find out if that’s true.

Rice Water: What’s The Story?

In short, people wash their hair in the water left over after soaking rice. According to Cleveland Clinic, this trend has been used in Asian cultures for centuries. The beauty secret is accessible and cost-effective because you can buy an enormous bag of rice at any grocery store for just a few bucks.

How Can Rice Water Be Beneficial?

Dr. Mariwalla explains that rice starch coatings the hair follicles, helping them feel smoother. Dr. Mariwalla says rice water contains vitamins, minerals, and the hormone inositol, resulting in softer, fuller, less knotty, and longer hair. It is thought that vitamins B and E may help prevent hair oxidation and aging.”

Is Rice Water Good For Your Skin?

There isn’t much research on rice water, so it’s unclear whether it helps your skin. Dr. Finney says it has antioxidant properties and might have theoretical health benefits. However, you would better use a topical antioxidant serum with vitamins C and E.

Can Rice Water Be Used On All Types Of Hair?

It is essential to check if rice water is necessary for you before rinsing. “Healthy hair doesn’t need a rice water rinse.” Dr. Longsworth suggests that people with damaged hair, bleached hair, or high porosity hair.

Can There Be Side Effects?

However, rice water may cause residue that builds up and dulls the hair. Dr. Mariwalla recommends doing this treatment once a week to avoid residue buildup. Consult your dermatologist if you have questions.