John Travolta Just Finally Admitted What Was Long Suspected

Finding Love on Set

During filming ‘The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,’ John fell in love with his on-screen mother, actress Diana Hyland. The relationship was a big scandal, as Hyland was 18 years older than John. Sadly, the relationship ended in tragedy when Hyland passed away in 1977 from breast cancer. She was awarded an Emmy for her performance in ‘The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,’ which John accepted on her behalf.


Summer Lovin’

John was cast as bad boy Danny in the 1978 film adaptation of ‘Grease.’ He starred alongside Olivia Newton-John in the high energy musical about a good girl and greaser who try to rekindle their summer romance, despite running in different high school social circles. The two had great chemistry on camera and later confirmed rumors that they had innocent crushes on each other during filming. They remain close friends.


Relying on his Faith

During his times of personal tragedy, John has turned to the Scientology faith to help him. He found Scientology in the mid-1970s while filming ‘The Devil’s Rain.’ He credits the religion with helping him get through difficult periods of his life, although many view the religion as more of a cult. Other notable members of the Church of Scientology include Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, and Elizabeth Moss.