The Thing To Get A Reboot

News out of Hollywood is that The Thing reboot is officially on its way.  However, this reboot will be a little bit different than those of the past.

There have been two previous adaptations of the original story, Who Goes There?, by John W Campbell.  Those include The Thing From Another World in 1951, and the cult-favorite classic by John Carpenter, The Thing, in 1982.

This time around, Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures will have their names attached to the project, which will utilize Campbell’s full novel Frozen Hill.  The reboot comes as a result of a kickstarted that as launched in 2018 by John Betancourt.

Image: Dread Central

Initially, Campbell’s Who Goes There was published as a novel, and not as a full novel.  Campbell had more than enough material to publish an entire novel but was never able to print it, and it got lost down through time.

Betancourt discovered the full novel and then proceeded to launch a Kickstarter in an effort to get the entire novel published.

In a recent update posted to the Kickstarter page, Blumhouse and Universal will use the entire novel, titled initially Frozen Hell, to pen the new The Thing reboot.

It seems the project is on the fast track, as Alan Donnes, the producer on the project, announced it is a go on his Facebook page.  Betancourt then enthusiastically relayed the information to his Kickstarter page.

Image: YouTube

In his Facebook announcement, Donnes said:

“It’s official!  I received my signed contract and first check!  I am Executive Producing a remake of The Thing but with additional chapters of John Campbell’s groundbreaking novel Frozen Hell.”

Although we do know have confirmation of the producer of the film, there has been further information on who may be tapped to direct or possible cast members.

Blumhouse has a long list of out of the box franchise films, and now it will be adding The Thing to that list.