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The Temperature Of Your Room My Determine How Well You Sleep

Many individuals will get to sleep at night, only to wake up three to four hours later.  These same individuals make the assumption that their problem is insomnia and choose to treat the symptoms in this manner.  However, when one such individual, a 51-year-old philosophy professor at California State University, San Bernardino sought answers at a Sleep Disorders Center, he actually got advice that had never even occurred to him.

For the best results, it is suggested that you pay very close attention to the temperature of your bedroom.

Many people, in an effort to be energy-conscious and having heard through the years of the benefits of keeping a room at a cooler temperature, will lower the thermostat at night.  They would opt for the use of blankets to stay warm, but in some cases, this does not aid in a good nights sleep.

Image: Healthline

After receiving the diagnosis that a slight adjustment to 68 degrees, Roy had what he termed a better nights sleep.  He stated he still woke up a few hours after going to sleep, but in this case, he was able to go back to sleep and didn’t stay awake.

This leads us to the question of—how does air temperature actually affect our sleep?  Studies show that when we lay down and go to sleep, our brain will try to set our overall body temperature—usually reducing it.  If the temperature in the surrounding room is too cold or too hot, this will tend to impede the brain’s ability to regulate to the temperature that it needs.

When the brain is able to achieve a reduction in the temperature of the body, sleep is naturally induced.  A somewhat cooler room will speed the process along, however, there is the fact that if the room is too cold, the process will take longer or you will wake up and much like Roy have a difficult time getting back to sleep.

On another note, studies have shown that the overall temperature comfort level of your bedroom will also affect the quality of your REM sleep, and determine just how restful a night’s sleep you will get.