Feel Good

The Story Of A 12-Year-Old Changing The Lives Of Foster Children

It didn’t deter Amelia Lisowe from volunteering, even when she was informed that she was too young. Her non-profit organization, “Lisowe’s Lights,” was launched in Benton, Arkansas, in 2018 after she decided to change herself. A total of 500 nightlights were donated in that year alone to children in foster care in Arkansas. As a result of her work, she has distributed 15,000 nightlights throughout 50 states and nine countries and plans to continue distributing them.


According to Amelia, who uses nightlights as a comfort measure, children in foster homes often must leave without anything in the middle of the night. During the year 2023, she hopes to donate at least 2,500 more lights.

Lauren, Amelia’s mother, encouraged her to use her talents for the betterment of the world and instilled a passion for volunteering in her. Her daughter’s efforts are precious to her mother, who is actively involved in every aspect of the decision-making process. Additionally, Amelia receives support from friends who run their nightlight drives in person and online in the Royal International Miss pageant system.


She feels the most impact of her work when she hears from organizations utilizing her nightlights. She volunteers at her local food bank and a nursing home as well. In the book, she shares the inspiring story of a boy who never turned off the light in his hall so that his little sister across the aisle could stay safe. As soon as he received a nightlight from Lisowe’s Lights, the boy knew that his sister would no longer be scared.