Did Ya Know?

The Secret Truth About That Drawer Under Your Stove

The oven is most likely the center of culinary creation in your home. Whether you prefer baking cookies or filling your home with the aroma of a delicious roast, the oven is a fan favorite when it comes to cooking up some delicious food.

Although you may have been whipping up masterpieces using this kitchen appliance for years (or even decades), do you really know how to use all of its components? You may not have been taking proper advantage of one very useful compartment…

It’s Probably Your Personal Storage Bin

The drawer underneath your oven is extremely useful when it comes to holding different varieties of pans. It eliminates clutter in your kitchen and allows you to easily find whichever cooking tray you are looking for effortlessly. Although it certainly serves its purpose as a storage bin, this drawer can actually help you successfully host a dinner party and keep guests full and happy.

It Keeps Meals Warm And Toasty

This drawer is actually a warming drawer, where you can place warm foods that you want to stay toasty. It’s actually “designed to keep hot foods at serving temperature,” and it allows you to finish an entire meal—complete with several courses—without one food item going cold and unedible. This can revolutionize how you cook meals, and the warming drawer can prevent food from going to waste!

Using This Drawer Correctly Is Vital

It’s important to remember that the warming drawer is intended to keep cooked food warm, and it is not intended to cook cold or room-temperature food. Leaving uncooked food in the warming drawer can cause bacteria to grow and spread, which is a definite no-no when it comes to serving families and guests food.

Make sure your oven has this warming feature before you stick hot food in there; you don’t want to open the drawer to a cold mess!

This warming drawer will definitely change how you do your cooking, and it can still serve as storage when the oven is not in use. Move over, Betty Crocker.