The Rock No Longer Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood

Many fans of both actors and actresses would undoubtedly be shocked to learn just how much they earn for their roles.  Although it is true that not all those fans would be able to understand just why actors and actresses can make the amount of money off of their films that they do.

One must remember that the actor’s and actress’s popularity, talent, and even notoriety are what bring the audience to the theater to see their films.  This, in turn, makes them both essential and valuable assets to the financial success and gain of any film.  This popularity is the exact source of leverage for any actor or actress when it comes to contract negotiation time.

Disney, for instance, has worked with many well-known, talented, and successful actors and actresses, but perhaps their most financially successful one is that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Image: Collider

Johnson has had a very successful career with Disney and has appeared in many roles.  However, fans should not mistake that Disney was the source of Johnson’s run for the title of being the highest-paid actor.

Recent reports indicate that Amazon is responsible for that feat.  Once all is said and done, Johnson stands to earn 50 million dollars for the streaming services film Red One:

“Next up is Dwayne Johnson, who is projected to bring in $50 million thanks to Amazon Studios’ Red One, per Variety’s report.  While his initial deal is for $30 million, the outlet says it could balloon up with back-end sums accounted for.”

Even with all those millions, it is hard to believe that Johnson is NOT the highest-paid actor.  That top honor goes to none other than the James Bond actor himself—Daniel Craig.  With Netflix recently choosing to both sequels to Knives Out—two and three—Craig stands to see a paycheck of $100 million resulting from the franchise deal.