The Return Of The Muscles From Brussels

Lookout Jean-Claude Van Damme fans—the muscles from Brussels is back!  The martial artist turned action movie star has officially started filming his new series that will run over on Netflix.

Having become an action movie icon in the 80s and 90s, the Belgian born martial artist segued into acting in dozens of action films.  His star shot to the top of the genre with his cult movies Bloodsport and Kickboxer.

Image: Men’s Health

Van Damme dominated the action film genre and made himself a movie legend with such starring roles of Time Cop and Universal Soldier.  Then, he seemed to drop out of the spotlight, and the films stopped.  Van Damme claimed that, because he said that he wasn’t receiving the same pay as other stars, he was “black-listed” in Hollywood.

In recent years, he has been seen in such roles as Kung Fu Panda, in which he did a voice-over and the short-lived Amazon series where he portrayed himself—Jean Claude Van Johnson.  Now, news comes that he is making a return to film, but in a project that is a definite departure from what fans are used to seeing from him.

It is reported that Van  Damme is currently in France, shooting his new film for Netflix, The Last Mercenary.  Van Damme has been said to be taking on a whole new film genre.  He is excited to be able to take up the torch of an action-comedy, while at the same time making it his own.  When referencing the script, Van Damme said:

Image: The Morning Call

“…a beautiful story with emotion, a lot of action, and a lot of humor.”

The Last Mercenary is both the actors first appearance in a comedic role as well his first time collaborating with the streaming service, Netflix.  As the film has only just been announced as beginning filming, there is no anticipated release date announced.