The Red Mesh Bag Trick With Citrus

While walking through the produce section of our local grocery store, I suddenly remembered that I needed to get myself a bag of clementines.

As I scanned the area, I immediately spotted the all too familiar red mesh bags that all clementines are sold in.  It was at that very moment I wondered to myself—why red bags?

Then I started thinking, almost all fresh citrus products are sold in the same color of bags it seems—red.  But, the question still remained–why?

From the strategic layouts of the location of citrus in the produce section to the freshly spritz water that gives the fruit a fresh, chilled appearance, there is a reason for each and every aspect of how our food is presented.

Image: Checkersaga

And, just as with most all our food we buy, citrus too has its own form of psychological trickery, which brings us back to the red bags.  Although they present with a plain, unassuming appearance, do not let that fool you.

There is nothing unassuming or passive about those little red mess bags that we see our citrus packaged in.

According to a Readers Digest article, the bags are manufactured in a manner to make you want to buy their contents.  Plus, there is the added side benefit that they make ideal little pot scrubbers.

The choice of the color red was far from a guess, as the color itself aids in the orange of the citrus giving the color combination a pop.  By the very packaging of the orange citrus in the red bags, the fruit itself takes on a more orange appearance.

This brighter appearance of the orange color gives the impression that the fruit is fresher, as well as trigger a “hunger” factor for the very fruit itself.  In fact, the red mesh bag “trick” is also effective with tangerines, clementines, and even grapefruit.

A similar sales trick is used with lemons, which are usually sold in green mesh bags that give them the appearance of—well—more yellow in color.