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The Realtor Renovated A House For Over A Year, And His Mom Was In For The Most Heartwarming Surprise!


Once you become a parent, you never really stop guiding and encouraging your children. Even if your child is way past their younger years and on their own in the world, they will always be your baby. Raising kids is never easy, and you can only hope they turn out to be successful, kind people of the world.

One mom discovered she did a pretty decent job of raising her son when he gave her the most surprising gift a mother could ask for. Better get your tissues out for this one — it is sure to evoke some happy tears!


Josh DeShong is a realtor from Dallas, Texas, but he wasn’t always such a success. He is the first admit that he was a troubled kid, and he got into his fair share of trouble. He was raised by his mother Vickie, and as a single mother, she never gave up on her son.

Despite everyone’s doubts about Josh starting his own real estate business a decade ago, Vickie never lost faith in her son and she encouraged him every step of the way. The past six months have been difficult for the single mom, as she had to suffer the loss of both her mom and sister.

Josh was ready to give back to her for all those years of encouragement in the most incredible way possible.


Josh decided to take his mother to see a house he completely refurbished over the past year. Vickie hasn’t seen this fixer-upper in a few months, and before Josh completely redid the home it was plagued by mold and distasteful design. Josh records the entire surprise, and on the way to show her the house he states, “Today, I get to give her back something I’ve been working my entire career to be able to do.”

He begins to give Vickie a tour around the house, and when they get to the kitchen he breaks the news. As she marvels over the new kitchen cabinets and countertops Josh turns the camera to her and says, “this is your new house.”

This single mom’s facial expression says it all, and she has a hard time holding back her emotions.


Vickie couldn’t hold back her excitement and shock. Josh is just as emotional about the entire situation, and his mother’s reaction made every obstacle he had to ever overcome worth it. Josh is glad he could give back to the woman that never gave up on him, no matter what.

This is definitely parenting done right, and this story is an inspiration to everyone that just wants to make their parents proud. Never give up, because one day you may be able to give them the world!