The Perfect Summer Mocktails For A Booze-Free Summer

During some of the hottest days of the year, there is nothing better than an ice-cold beverage. Summer cocktails often take center stage when the weather is warm, so where does that leave those who want a refreshing libation but don’t drink alcohol?

Domenica Personti, the corporate director, is passionate about helping those who do not drink alcohol find healthier alternatives.

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Summer Party Tips For Alcohol-Free Guests

People live alcohol-free lifestyles for many reasons, all worthy of consideration, according to Personti.

She said, “Often, we focus on people in recovery, which is appropriate in many cases, but there are a variety of reasons people choose not to consume alcohol.”

Mocktails are a great way to help everyone feel comfortable at your summer parties, says Personti.

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

As a teetotaler, Abraham Zherebilov uses simple ingredients to make mocktails that avoid the intrusive questions he gets at social gatherings.

Zherebilov says, “I avoid alcohol at parties by ordering a club soda with a lime. If I’m hosting a backyard party, I’ll serve pomegranate juice from a wine glass, as it has a similar tannic aftertaste.”

A clinical addiction specialist, Marlena Del Hierro, helps her clients with this topic. Her favorite mocktails for the summer season mirror Errafay’s advice.

In hot places, staying hydrated is crucial, so I like mocktails that incorporate seltzer water most. She recommends virgin mojitos with mint, seltzer, lime, sugar, or a substitute.

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Staying Sober At Summer Parties

Abby Ehmann, a professional in mocktails, offers fun non-alcoholic beverages. A summertime struggle can be challenging for sobriety.

Ehmann says, “I can’t even imagine any events I’ve attended that didn’t offer alcohol. For the newly sober, that presents a problem. But it’s summer — you don’t want to lock yourself inside.”

Getting rid of alcohol this summer and beyond is not as hard as you might think. There are obvious health benefits to cutting down or eliminating alcohol consumption.

She says, “The most significant benefit is a clear head and more vivid memories. We are sold booze as necessary to have a good time, but it is often drunk times we cherish a lot.”