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The Newest Addition To The Pumpkin Spice Craze Is–SPAM?

With American’s love affair with pumpkin spice everything, this next one may be taking it a little too far.  Prepare yourself, people, because coming to a store near you this fall is pumpkin spice—SPAM!!  Yay! What? Huh!?

You heard me right. We can officially declare that everything and anything is game to become pumpkin spiced.  NBC first reported the official announcement from the makers of Spam, Hormel Food Corp., that they were introducing a limited-edition fall season delicacy—Pumpkin Spice SPAM.

Image: SPAM

Keeping true to the lunchtime favorite that consumers have come to know and love, Pumpkin Spice SPAM combines its original deliciousness with a little added creativity.  The new combination allows for the incorporation of this latest variety into several dishes.  Whether the dishes are on-trend crunch recipes or just a quick pick me up snack.

Hormel Food is one of many companies jumping on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, that has been rolling along since 2003—when Starbucks started it all with its Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Over the years,  executives of food and beverage companies have introduced their own twist on the fall flavor favorite, one by one embracing the season tradition.

Image: Nerdbot

There are reports that a few brave souls of The Daily Meal volunteered to test-tasting the newest entry into the SPAM line of meat products, before its official release—anticipated for September 23rd.  The results are in, and it seems that it is reportedly not as bad as most have predicted it to be.

One of the brave souls said:

“It wasn’t as bad as I expected.  It definitely seems like it would work best when paired with other elements like in a scramble or breakfast sandwich, though.”

Another of the brave testes also felt it would go well with a bunch of eggs or even some waffles.  The individual told The Daily Meal that:

“It reminds me of breakfast sausage.”